Corporate Art Rentals and Installations.

Stand out in the crowd from other businesses. Almond Didier can provide one piece or entire collections to any business.

Even on a tight budget you can decorate and project an image of success by turning your restaurant, office, board room, or reception area into a place of awe that will attract and maintain the attention your customers and employees alike. Corporate art rentals can be a valuable, yet inexpensive, component to any branding efforts.



Easily gain press and free word-of-mouth advertising by adding our framed art, sculptures and more throughout your business.

Most rentals are available for various periods ... yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, and monthly. Revolving collections are also available on an established rotation cycle.

All of our rentals come with the "option to buy" if you should find that you just can't live with one or all pieces. You may also choose a "profit sharing" plan if the items are offered for sale at your location.

That is why more and more satisfied customers are praising our artists and calling their purchase "The best piece of art I ever had."