Ohio announces partnership to provide free resources and tools to keep businesses safer

For the first time in Ohio history, the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) has turned its efforts towards providing businesses with resources and information proven to deter and respond to attacks as well as survival resiliency in the event of an attack. In partnership with The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants (OCRM), ODPS launched the My Safer Ohio Business clearinghouse for Ohio businesses to better protect their customers, employees, and property, particularly in light of recent attacks by individuals and small groups on people in and around businesses. Tools include layered physical security, cyber security hygiene, and information previously shared only with governmental entities.

“The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, representing over 7,500 members statewide, is excited about this partnership with the Ohio Department of Public Safety,” said ORCM President and CEO Gordon M. Gough. “We feel that this resource will provide our members with critical information to not only help protect their businesses, but make it easier to access key state services. Today we have provided all our members with details regarding the My Safer Ohio Business clearinghouse.”

This partnership will open the door for businesses to have simple access to a wide variety of resources, safety tools, and information in order to aid in their development of emergency plans, training, communication and collaboration. Programs such as the Ohio Public Private PartnershipEmergency Partner Credentialing System as well as a wide variety of templates are now available for all businesses in one central location.

“Partnerships are key to success,” said ODPS Director John Born. “The goal of this partnership is simple; create a stronger, safer and more resilient state of Ohio."

Partner organizations will also have the ability to submit and share topical information and resources through the clearinghouse.

The My Safer Ohio Business clearinghouse can be found at: 


Posted on May 22, 2017 .