Cooley Hotel Building

Canal Street, Newcomerstown, Ohio





The Coshocton TribuneApril 4, 1929 - John W. Cooley, veteran hotel man of Newcomerstown, was somewhat undecided today as to where his new hotel building will be erected in Newcomerstown.

He originally planned to erect the new modern four-story structure on the Hummel lot at Bridge and Church Streets but yesterday the Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce suggested that he secure a location on West Canal Street.

Mr. Cooley is considering the West Canal Street location but not yet definitely decided whether to change his plans.

The blueprint and facsimile drawing of the proposed hotel building have been completed by the architect.

The new hotel building will contain 44 sleeping rooms, barbershop, laundry, heating plant and storage, lobby, coffee shop, public and private dining rooms, kitchen, and public toilets. Seventeen of the rooms will contain private baths and 24 rooms will have running water.

The first floor will include the lobby, coffee shop, dining rooms and kitchen.

The building will be fireproof and constructed of steel and brick. The dimensions of the proposed building are 50 by 90 feet. A park with shrubbery will be made at the south end of the lot, provided the building is constructed at Bridge and Church Streets. Mr. Cooley indicated that the lot on which the Fountain Hotel is located, which belongs to him, will be used for garages.

The interior walls of the building will be of hollow building tile, and the interior will be gum stained and varnished. The rooms on the first floor will have terrazzo floor finish and the sleeping room floor will be concrete, painted or carpeted. The toilets and baths are to have tile floors and wainscoting.

Work on the new building is expected to begin about April 15. A hotel such as Mr. Cooley plans to construct is badly needed in Newcomerstown in the opinion of many.

1929: Work On Cooley Hotel Moves Rapidly

The Coshocton TribuneTuesday, October 15, 1929 - Much progress has been made on the new Cooley Hotel Building on Canal Street. The building is now under roof with the concrete floors and stairways finished. The building is to be finished this winter.