Students helping communities by recycling

What do 500,000 students at 900 schools across the U.S. have in common?

Together, they have recycled approximately 45 million bottles and cans as part of a program designed to inspire K-12 students to become environmental leaders at school, at home and in their communities.

Now, to make this even better news, schools everywhere can join PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally and connect with other students recycling around the nation.

Any school can now sign up for the chance to earn rewards and gain access to exciting educational tools available to Recycle Rally participants by applying online at

At the heart of the initiative, Recycle Rally teaches students how to live more sustainably and inspires communities to increase recycling in their hometowns.

When schools recycle bottles and cans, they aren’t just helping improve the environment, but they are also helping post-9/11 war veterans get business and entrepreneurship training through an organization called Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities.

Schools in the program also recycle their bottles and cans to help PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy protect clean drinking water in America’s iconic waterways.

Inspiring Students

Recycle Rally inspires students to become proud and frequent recyclers and motivates others to follow suit. Through what’s been described as a little creativity and a whole lot of fun, students at schools across the country have helped bolster recycling rates through holding schoolwide raffles, creating dedicated recycling hubs, making commercials, distributing flyers and forming “green teams” dedicated to the cause.

Recycling For Life

“One of the best aspects of participating in PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally is knowing that this helps hook students on recycling for life,” said Rodney Howe, head custodian at Progress Elementary School in Ogallala, Neb. “Recycle Rally motivates students to do good for the environment and their local community.”

Howe and his team of 116 students placed first in the Recycle Rally after collecting a total of 15,000 pounds of aluminum cans and PET plastic during the 2013-2014 school year.

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Posted on June 4, 2017 .