Health awareness - Susan G. Komen

I found a very tiny, pea-sized lump. I found a bruise on the right side of my breast. It was kind of just a fluke that I felt it. I found I had breast cancer on a routine mammogram. I had a leakage from my left nipple and went to see a doctor about it. He said I want you to go have a mammogram. I said, what do you mean a mammogram? I don’t have breasts. He said, yes, men do have breasts. I certainly didn’t expect to be struck by breast cancer at thirty-three years old. The day I got the results, I felt scared. The first thing I thought about was my kids, I was like I didn’t want to leave them and that hurt. At that time, I had no insurance, whatsoever. It made me absolutely, positively worried about my husband and my son. You know, who’s going to take care of them if something seriously happened to me? My favorite thing about my mom is that through all the things she’s been through she still kept strong. Without you, my family would not be whole again. I can’t imagine not having support during this diagnosis and treatment. I can’t imagine somebody not having financial help. A lot of times, people don’t know where to go and they’re basically lost. If I didn’t get the diagnostics and treatment in time with the help of Susan G. Komen, I don’t think I’d be standing here right now having this conversation. This disease does not discriminate. Without you, we can’t realize a world free of breast cancer. Without you, we can’t help the women around the world who are diagnosed with breast cancer every nineteen seconds. Without you, we cannot rally millions of people across this country. Without you, we can’t save more lives. Without you. Without you. Without you, there is no us.

Posted on June 4, 2017 .