Almond Didier Launch Special: Limited Edition

Royal Lauderette

by Michael A. Wise

  • 11 1/2 x 17 giclée print on canvas
  • Limited Edition:
    only 100 are authorized in this size
  • Each signed and numbered by the artist
  • Ready for framing
Royal Launderette
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11" x 17" Giclée on Canvas (cut)
by Michael A. Wise.
Ready for framing.

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In 1990, Michael A. Wise located to New Orleans where he and a partner launched Ariodante Gallery in the trendy Warehouse District just two doors off of the famous St. Charles Avenue. He remained in The Big Easy for four years helping to firmly establish the popular gallery that continues to attract artists and art collectors from around the world. During this period, Michael concentrated on painting under a nom de plume. His paintings are rare and inspired by Jackson Pollock. Three of his artworks were featured in an art auction by the New Orleans PBS channel WYES.

In February of 2005, Michael returned to New Orleans and documented the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods by capturing over 3,000 photographs just months before Hurricane Katrina unleashed her wrath on the area. 

After the storm, an 18" x 24" giclée on canvas of "Royal Launderette" was donated to the American Red Cross and auctioned with the proceeds going to relief efforts in New Orleans for the victims. 

That same year, an 18" x 24" giclée on canvas was also donated to the 12th Annual Art For Life Auction at the Carnegie Institute of Washington benefiting Whitman Walker's Latino Services for HIV/AIDS treatment. The piece was valued at $1,200.

Michael has designated this image to remain as a "charity piece" and has pledged to continue donating all proceeds from it to a worthy cause of his choice.

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